Walter Martino

Italian chef Walter Martino has been a culinary genius from a very early age - while attending the Institute Hotelier Nino Bergese, Martino began his career as a Commis de Cuisine at Zeffirino in Genoa, Italy when he was only 14 years old.Martino’s fusions of Eastern and Western flavors are displayed on unique handmade Italian ceramic, gold, emerald, and diamond plates. He has been lauded by critics and has received widespread praise throughout the gourmet food world, acclaiming him the “Most Luxurious Chef in the World”; and granting him the title of “Million Dollar Chef.” Throughout his career, Martino has worked with brands such as Hotel Park Hyatt, Hotel Bulgari, Dolce Gabbana Gold Restaurant, Il Marchesino of Gualtiero Marchesi and Town House Hotel.Recently named in the 50 World's Best Visionary Chefs and ranked number one in Europe, Martino continues to select outstanding ingredients and transform them into culinary and artistic masterpieces. Martino frequently reinvents his cuisine with unique fusions of Eastern and Western flavors and artistic presentations to create sensorial experiences that delight and surprise.
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From the non-stop frenzy of New York Fashion Week to running Red Carpets to being named one of the youngest Communications Director for the University of Miami President Donna Shalala, and working in the Press Room for George W. Bush and John Kerry's Miami televised presidential debate, to creating National Digital Campaigns for Swarovski, to producing Lincoln Road and the City of Miami Festival events, and running Miami's first E! News Live Stream, Editor of LatinX to managing the Global culinary brand for the "Million Dollar Chef", Walter Martino, this is undeniable proof why I am considered a pioneer in the Public Relations industry where I connect traditional PR with today's Influencer Marketing trends.